Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #19

Another week, another adorable girl.

Red Shirt - Children's Place
Skinny Jeans - Children's Place

She didn't actually go out anywhere in her boots today, she just wanted Daddy to put them on her.

Striped T - Old Navy
Brown Pants - Old Navy
Yeti Boots - Old Navy

This had got to be one of her best outfits yet.  I was out of town on Friday so I missed her before bed, these were the only clean PJ's Daddy could find.

White Onesie - Carter's
Flowered Pants - Walmart
Red Sequin Shoes - Target (I went shopping with my Mom on Friday and found these shoes for $3.50, I showed them to Catie Saturday morning and she was quite excited to wear them.)

Red Dress - Walmart (altered by Me)
Tights - Sears
Red Sequin Shoes - Target
Pearl Necklace and Bracelet - Made by Me
She wore this cute black coat over top that's much to big for her but adorable anyway.  It's from my Sister-in-Law's second hand store and it has a cute leopard liner.


Long Sleeve White Onesie - H&M
Blue Polka Dot T - H*M
Jeans - Espirit


Red Ruffle T - Gap
Skinny Jeans - Children's Place
Yeti Boots - Old Navy

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Jumping Jack said...

She is just too cute! I'm loving her skinny jeans and those boots! Precious!

Ellen said...

Catie is way cute!! Love the boots too! And the coat looks darling on her!

Jolayne said...

I think the coat is even cuter than Bryn's pink and brown one!