Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #20

This week I had a serious case of no desire to do laundry.  That meant she started wearing whatever was handy (all the clean stuff was still in the basket in the laundry room), meaning she wore the same jeans a lot.

White long sleeve T - Superstore (it says I Love the Sun)
Dark Jeans - Old Navy
Pink Belt - Made by me

She LOVES turning off the lights... if only she'd figure out how to turn them on so I didn't have to go help her so often.

Polka Dot Cardigan - Superstore
White short sleeve Onesie - Carters
Dark Jeans - Old Navy
Yellow Ribbon Belt - Made by me
Brown Shoes - Walmart


She really loves these boots.  Brings them over to me often to put them on and then wears them around the house.
Striped Ruffle Top - Superstore
Black Leggings - Children's Place
Yeti Boots - Old Navy

When we went out I switched out the Yeti boots fro the ruby red slippers from Target.

Striped T - Superstore
Dark Jeans - Old Navy

Today the sad girl woke up with a fever and was miserable so we spent the entire day like this watching Sesame Street.

Sleeper - Sears

White T - H&M
Pink Hoodie - Superstore
Jeans - Old Navy

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