Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #21 and #22

Obviously What Catie Wore Wednesday didn't happen last week and there wasn't even a good reason, I took some pictures I just didn't put the post together.  I figured I'd give you two weeks in one which works well since combined the two weeks will equal almost one.


Striped T - Old Navy
Jeans - Old Navy (obviously far too long and she will not be wearing them again for a while)

Red t - Children's Place
Jean Skirt - Children's Place
Polka Dot tights - Second Hand
Sequined Shoes - Target


White Long Sleeve Onesie - Carters
Blue T - Superstore
Skinny Jeans - Children's Place

Ruffle Headband - Made by me
Long Sleeve White Onesie - Carters
Ruffle Denim Skirt - Children's Place
Striped Tights - Sears
Yeti Boots - Old Navy

Long Sleeve White Onesie - Carters (I swear I have a lot of these so she really is wearing a clean one every day, not the same one)
Pink PJ Pants - Walmart
Socks - Who knows
Shedidn't get out of pajamas today

Under the coat is another white onesie so I thought I'd show the cute coat instead

Knit Headwrap - Lots of Knots
Brown Puffy Coat - Old Navy
Skinny Jeans - Children's Place
Yeti Boots - Old Navy

As usual, I'll link to

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