Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #43

I'm enjoying the freedom I have now that I'm not telling you where Catie's clothes are from.  Before I was always trying to find the picture that best showed her outfit but now I get to just find the picture I like best.  This likely means there will be a few more pictures than there were in the past, I think we'll all agree that's not a bad thing.

In Calgary at this time every year our city hosts the Calgary Stampede.  Labelled the greatest outdoor show on earth it's a week full of western wear, lots of tourists and free pancake breakfasts.  Normally I can't be bothered to get up in time to stand in a very long line for some crummy pancakes but some of these breakfasts had pony rides and I was determined that Catie would ride her first horse.  We had some hiccups along the way and it took us 3 breakfasts but she rode her pony.  I was a little disappointed that she was finished 3/4 of the way through the ride but she looks so darn cute in that helmet that what does it matter.

For your viewing pleasure this ride was videoed.

Catie loves blankets and pillows.  Today we were relaxing and watching TV.

This was another Stampede breakfast, only it was much more enjoyable because it's one put on by our church.  Catie refused to turn around and is in fact very carefully ignoring me as I called for her to come back to us.

Today was hot hot hot so we called our friend Jane and her son Russel to come play with us.  We bought a cheap $4 sprinkler and hooked it up for the kids to run through but neither of them were very interested in that.  Luckily we thought to bring out some large bowls of water and they were a much bigger hit.  Daddy found a gun attachment for the hose and would occasionally mist Catie just so we could see this cute shrugged pose.

She thought it was great fun to sit in the bowl.

When she wasn't wearing her bathing suit she was wearing these cute pink shorts, though they'll real short so that'll probably be the last time.
And one more cause she's so darn cute

She was a blur today, refusing to stay still for a picture.  She ran around in this cute nightshirt all day.

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