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Monday, November 28, 2011

Noah's Ark Quiet Book

Since I posted my Quiet Book Templates I've had a couple people ask me to make them their own and normally I turn them down flat because they're such a ridiculous amount of work.  But when Jan asked me to make her one I was feeling especially poor so I agreed.  Once we got down to specifics I was even happier to make a book, she only wanted the Noah's Ark page.  The finished book is super cute and hopefully Jan loves it.

The cover page with a cute vintage button.

You open up the cover and see a title page (cutting these letters out were a pain, it made me wish I had a Silouette).

Flip open the next page and you have a landscape scene that will have velcro dots for all the animals, I'm just having a hard time finding some.

The next page includes the ark with a pocket to slip in the animals.

The animals.  I blanket stitched them all and hand sewed everything using cute little black beads for the yes.

One more photo of the animals.

The back cover looks the same as the front.

There it is, a Noah's Ark quiet book.  I shipped it off, hopefully she'll actually get it before Christmas.

If you want to see the rest of my Quiet Book pages then take a look here.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Quiet Book Week - A Summary {Template}

Did you enjoy Quiet Book week? Which page was your favourite?

I thought for reference I'd make a summary post so all of the different pages, with their templates are really easy to find.  Here are photos to remind you of the different pages, including a link to each page.  The download-able templates are included below. 

Quiet Book Tips

Noah's Ark

David & Goliath

Ammon Protects the Sheep

Put on the Armour of God

Lehi's Vision

Jonah & the Whale

And here are your templates, all in one place, ready to download.
Noah's Ark
David & Goliath
Ammon Protects the Sheep
Put on the Armour of God
Lehi's Vision
Jonah & the Whale

All pages together

And here is the file I created that includes all of the titles and references.  There is a Microsoft Word version if you want to make changes or a PDF version if that's easier for you to work with.

I printed it out and placed it behind my white fabric then lightly traced the text with a pencil.  Using that as my pattern I stitched the words.

For the Armour of God page I included the spelling variation (skipping the 'u') and I also included the Bible reference rather than the Book of Mormon one.

If you make your own versions using my templates I'd love to see them, send me pictures!

And if you want to see the non scripture pages I completed in the past you can use the links below.
Page 1&2 - the Tree & the Bee
Page 3&4 - the Goldfish and the Button on Letters
Page 5&6 - The Barn and Dress up Catie
Page 7&8 - the Tent and Red Light/Green Light
Page 9&10 - the Mailbox and the Dress

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quiet Book Week - Jonah & the Whale {Template}

This last page is my new favourite, mostly because it's actually new.  I made most of these pages ages ago but I had an uneven number of them so Lehi's dream sat, unbound in a box.  I decided I wanted to add that page and also make a tutorial to show you my working with felt tip.  I came up with Jonah & the Whale a week or so ago and Catie loves him.

Open up the flap on my whale and you see

That large gaping mouth is a big hole where Jonah goes out and in.

To make the window I used some clear vinyl my Mother-in-law had lying around but since felt doesn't slide along felt I used two layers, so starting with the white cotton my layers went like this:
  • White cotton backing
  • Red for inside of whale - slightly smaller than whale and not including the tail
  • Clear Vinyl the same size as the red
  • Blue water spout
  • Then I took a small break from layering and took my grey whale and sewed more vinyl to the underside of him, cutting out the mouth.  Then I added his eye and the flap for his window.
  • I finished him off by sewing down the grey whale on top of my blue water spout
One tip is would give is to add some extra support to Jonah's neck, like maybe some plastic or a Popsicle stick or something really stiff.  When he gets shoved in the whale's mouth his poor neck is terribly bent.

Your template for this page is below

If you've missed the previous pages you can check them out using the links below
Tips for Working with Felt 
Noah's Ark
David & Goliath
Ammon Protects the Sheep
Put on the Armour of God 
Lehi's Vision

I'm going to do a post tomorrow summarizing all the pages for quick reference and I'll give all of the templates again, including the file for the titles and references.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quiet Book Week - Lehi's Vision {Template}

This is another story some of you may not be familiar with as it's found in the Book of Mormon.

Here's the super quick, summarized version. Lehi is a prophet who has a dream/vision.  In this dream he sees a tree with fruit on it, he takes the fruit and eats it and it's delicious and he wants his family to eat it as well.  He searches for them and sees them coming to him, finding their way by clinging to an iron rod.  Also in the distance is a large and spacious building where people are mocking them for eating this fruit.  The fruit represents the love of God and the iron rod represents the word of God, meaning the scriptures will lead you to God.  This is a ridiculously simplified version and you really should go read the entire account.

For the page I included Lehi holding some fruit and his son, Nephi on the iron rod.  In the distance you can see the large and spacious building.

The fruit is stuffed with batting and snaps off the tree.  Lehi slides along the iron rod that's simply made out of ribbon.  I wouldn't have minded using a more iron rod coloured ribbon but I didn't have anything and wasn't willing to purchase it for such a small amount.

One thing I wish I had done differently was to add three snaps to the tree so the fruit could either be in Lehi's hand or on the tree.  Also the iron rod could have been placed up a little higher, Nephi's legs are always hanging out of the book (I think Nephi's hair looks like a slice of bread, not something I think needs changing it just makes me chuckle).

Here's your daily template

If you've missed the previous pages you can check them out using the links below
Tips for Working with Felt 
Noah's Ark
David & Goliath
Ammon Protects the Sheep
Put on the Armour of God

And don't worry, at the end of the series I'll give you a file with all the titles and references.

So tomorrow we'll break for What Catie Wore Wednesday and then on Thursday I'll show you the last page, my favourite, Jonah and the Whale. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Quiet Book Week - Put on the Armour of God {Template}

Are you enjoying Quiet Book Week?  I'm loving sharing my pages with you.  This next one is one of my favourites, sadly Catie is a little young to enjoy it but I'm hoping she'll show an interest soon.

Here's my little dressed up man.

Without his armour he looks like this, the different pieces fit inside a pocket on the left.

This page is two activities in one, you can dress up the little knight like a paper doll or you can match the shapes of his armour to the outline.  I embroidered around each piece and then added the name of what each represents.
There are lots of places in the scriptures where you can find the reference to the Armour of God but I've chosen to use the one found in the Doctrine & Covenants.  If you're not familiar with this book, it is a companion to the Book of Mormon and contains modern revelation given to Joseph Smith during the 1800's.  If you would prefer a bible reference it can also be found in Ephesians chapter 6, I'll include that reference in the file I give you at the end of the week.

One last note, on his armour pieces I stuffed his shield and his little skirt with a little batting.  Some of his pieces I used a sewing machine for but most of them were too tiny so I hand stitched them.

Here's your template for today

Tomorrow is Lehi's Vision and then on Thursday we'll finish up with Jonah & the Whale.

If you've missed the previous pages you can check them out using the links below
Tips for Working with Felt 
Noah's Ark
David & Goliath
Ammon Protects the Sheep

Friday, June 17, 2011

Quiet Book Week - Ammon Protects the Sheep {Template}

This page is the one that started the idea of a scripture book.  I was talking to a friend and we started to think how funny it would be to have a quiet book page where the bad guys arms pull off.  We then proceeded to think of the most violent scripture stories we could think of to add and chuckled.  This is the only one that made it into the book.

Some of you may not be familiar with this story, let me summarize it for you.

Ammon is a prophet serving a mission and in his travels he meets King Lamoni and rather than try to preach to him he asks to serve him instead.  King Lamoni says you bet and sends him out to protect his sheep who keep getting stolen.  While watching the sheep bad guys come and try to steal them, the other servants run away but Ammon says no way.  He's there to protect the sheep so he stays and fights the bad guys and when they attack he ends up cutting off their arms.  King Lamoni is so impressed he asks about Ammon's message and is later converted.

This story comes from the Book of Mormon, which is a companion to the Bible but written for those on the American continent.  You can real the full account here in Alma 17-19.

The arms of the bad guys pull off and re-attach with snaps (in case it's not clear those are clubs beside the bad guys).
And come on, how cute are those sheep?

Here's a close up of the unhappy, arm-less bad guys.
Here's your template download for today

I would suggest for the snaps you use those kind that pound on.  At the time I only had the sew on kind but I think the pound on are a lot more durable.

If you've missed the previous pages you can check them out using the links below
Tips for Working with Felt
Noah's Ark
David & Goliath

And remember, I'll give you the text template for the scripture references at the end of the series.

See you back here on Monday where we'll Put on the Armour of God.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quiet Book Week - David & Goliath {Template}

Today we're checking out David and Goliath.  This page is pretty easy with very few moving parts.

The rock is attached to the slingshot with braided embroidery floss so you can swing it around and get that big bad Goliath right in the head (his angry teeth are my favourite). 

Click the icon for a template of your pieces. 

Cut them out and layer them appropriately.
I used embroidery floss to make his shoes look laced and I added stuffing to Goliath's shield and to David's rock.

You can read a few tips for working with felt here.
And check out yesterday's post, Noah's Ark.

Tomorrow we'll look at Ammon protecting the sheep (if that story isn't familiar don't worry, I'll explain tomorrow).

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quiet Book Week - Noah's Ark {Template}

This page is one of my favourite's and it's definitely Catie's favourite (though Jonah is quickly climbing the charts). I'll admit it's a time consuming one but the little animals are so worth it.

Here's what the page looks like when you flip to it.

And with the door open. 

I used an adhesive velcro dot to keep the door closed.  I was worried the adhesive wouldn't be strong enough but it hasn't given us any troubles and it gets played with a lot. 

The polka dot on top is just ribbon that I cut to fit and sewed on.  The door to the ark is three layers of felt because I wanted it to be stiff, then I sewed the lines to give it texture (this page gives your book some serious bulk).

Here's a shot of the animals alone. 

I hand stitched the turtles and all the other small details (faces, pink of ears, hearts, giraffe spots and even the lions) but I was able to use my sewing machine for the giraffes and hippos.  Make sure you do all the details on the front of the animal before you sew on the back piece so you don't have messy stitching back there.  They're all stuffed with a little batting to give them some dimension (only the turtles shells are stuffed, not their bodies).

If you click the icon below you can download the template for this page.

Using the template cut out your pieces and sew them together using my tips from yesterday. 

To add the scripture reference at the top I used the computer to come up with a font and size I liked and then I printed it nice and dark.  Then I took my paper and placed it underneath my white square, I gently traced over the words with a pencil and then stitched them on.  I have a file with all the references I used and I'll give that to you to download at the end of the series.

Tomorrow will be What Catie Wore Wednesday as usual but Thursday we'll see David and Goliath, and Goliath is pretty fierce so you better come check him out.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Quiet Book Week!

While sitting in church a couple weeks ago and watching Catie play with her quiet book I realized I hadn't ever blogged the scripture pages I made for her.  I put her book together just after she was born and I blogged about the original 10 pages but then I decided to make some scripture pages.  Initially the plan was to make a separate book but I soon lost interest in felt and it became clear that it wasn't going to happen so instead I finished them up and put them in her current book.  It's now huge but adorable so we lug it to church every week anyway.  There are 6 new pages so I thought we'd do a page a day until you've seen them all (taking a break for What Catie Wore Wednesday).  Also, I've made up templates for each of the pages so you can print them off and make your own (I really hope someone is interested and I didn't kid myself into thinking they're awesome).

Before we start on the actual pages though today I wanted to show my favorite trick when working with felt, there are super crappy pictures to go along with it so hopefully you'll get what I'm saying.

Often with felt you need to sandwich two layers together to give some strength and stability, so what do you do?  You cut out two shapes the same size and sew them together.  But in the end the two pieces always end up shifting so they're not exactly the same size anymore.  I always ended up trimming my edges so my end result was smaller than the beginning and it didn't look as clean and I wanted it to.  Also, if your piece is intricate it's difficult to move the flimsy felt around the sewing machine and you end up with messy looking lines.

For these crummy pictures we're going to use a little naked man who will eventually become Jonah.  So start by cutting out your shape, in this example we'll be using his body and hair.

Since Jonah is going to be 3D (not sewn to the page), you want the back of him to look as nice as the front so go ahead and stitch his cute little face on.  It's much easier if you wait to put his hair on until later so imagine him hairless. 

Once that's done take your little Jonah body and lay it over some more flesh covered felt.  Cut out a chunk that goes all around his body, not cutting too close to the outline.

Stitch all the way around Jonah (still imagining him hairless).  Once that's done you can cut away the excess and you're left with two neat, lined up edges and on the back you don't see any of the stitching from the face (He definitely has one leg fatter than the other hey?  Guess he needs to do some toning, good thing his clothes hide it).

Once his body is done do the same with his hair.  Cut out the front hair piece and stitch it on but only stitch the hairline.  The back piece will need to be sewn along the top edge as well so you can sew those two pieces at the same time.  The back of the hair won't frame his face of course so cut out the bottom of the hair to look the way you want and leave the rest a big square, like so.   See how the front hair is stitched on at the hairline and the back is just cut along the bottom.

Line the bottom hairline where you want it and stitch your two layers of hair on and then trim off the brown excess like you did with the body.  Make sure when you're sewing the bottom hair line on that you're only stitching through one layer of felt, you don't want to see brown threads running across his face.

When you're done this is what the back of Jonah looks like.

 Like I said, this is my favorite trick with felt but I do have a few more tips to share.

You can see that for the above pieces I hand stitched everything, it's so small I find it just as easy to sew it by hand then to use the sewing machine, I use that for bigger pieces but you can use the machine for everything if you want.  When using a sewing machine on felt increase your stitch size just a little, it gives a slightly better look to the end product.

Also, as tedious as it seems make sure you always match your thread colour to your felt colour.  It will look much more professional if you take the time to switch, even if it means re-threading your sewing machine 12 times.

One last point, quite books are a ton of work!  They're worth it though when you get to watch your kids be entertained by something you made.

So there you go, an introduction to Quiet Book Week.  Come back tomorrow and see Noah's Ark, it's real cute. 

I should have mentioned that my pages are all made out of white cotton and the size of each is 12" x 12".  In hind site I would have made them a little smaller, I find the size awkward.  If you want to make that change though my templates will be too big and you'll have to shrink them. 

One last tip, quiet books are all about layers.  Take this photo for example.
The first thing you would sew on would be the tan house at the top of the ark because you want the ship to overlap it.  So you would sew on the tan house, then the brown ship, then the door of the ark.  Then you'd sew on the brown window.  The beak of the dove goes next and then the white of his body followed by his wing.  Lastly you'd sew on the leaf in his beak.  It helps to lay all your pieces where you want them before you sew any of them on.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Completed Quiet Book

I realized the other day that I hadn't ever posted pictures of the Quiet book when it was all bound together so I figured it was time to do that.  I decided it was also time to fix the first binding.  I'd used button holes like I had planned and since I was so terrible at them I had my sister-in-law make me some.  They were lovely and I thought they were exactly what I wanted until I put my binder rings in and I was really unsatisfied.  I just didn't like the way it looked.  I thought about it for a while and finally decided that grommets was the way to go so I picked some up at Walmart.  The reason I'd settled on button holes was because I didn't want to pay for the grommets but they were well worth the $6 (I had to buy the tool as well).

In my recent crafts I've used both pound on snaps and now grommets and I've decided that anything that uses a hammer and a special little tool adds such a finished look to the product.  I've been so satisfied with both projects and I think they look a lot more professional because of the snaps/grommets.  I'm now starting to look around for more projects they can be used on.  The only thing that would have made the grommets more successful was being patient enough to wait for a day that didn't have severe wind warnings.  Twice I had to chase after pieces and I think my cow finger puppet was a casualty.  It can be remade though and it feels great to have it completed.

In case you didn't catch the first round of the quiet book I've linked back to those posts you can see the each page.

The cover - I love this fabric
The back page has a pocket so any loose pieces can be put in there in a hurry (I thought this was a great idea but I've never actually used it).

Here are the links to all the pages I've made
Page 1&2 - the Tree & the Bee
Page 3&4 - the Goldfish and the Button on Letters
Page 5&6 - The Barn and Dress up Catie
Page 7&8 - the Tent and Red Light/Green Light
Page 9&10 - the Mailbox and the Dress

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quiet Book, Page 9 & 10

These are my last two pages.  Once I posted about them it seems like so few but you can probably imagine that it's a pretty fat book so I think I'll leave things here.  the mailbox page has the flag that stands up and the mailbox opens up and has a letter inside.  Eventually I'll write some sort of message on it.  Jill wrote, "To Oscar, Mommy Loves You".  I'll probably do the same.

 The next page is my variation of the standard book that you lace up.  I didn't want to have to buy the gromet things to make holes for the laces so instead I created this dress that you tie the bow.  I know it's not the same but it was quick to put together and I think it's cute.

I'm also working on a Scripture stories quiet book that is turning out even better than I had imagined.  I've already completed Lehi's Vision, Ammon cutting off the arms to protect the sheep and putting on the Armour of God.  I'll post pictures of those pages when I complete them but until now you'll just have to use your imagination.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Quiet Book, Page 7 & 8

At this point in the process I was starting to feel a little more confidant in my abilities and I started to branch out a bit (and I mean a tiny bit) from Jill's designs. 

Jill had included a tent that zipped with a bear in it, I added mesh windows (out of a dollar store laundry bag) and I created my own bear and fire (the marshmallow is stuffed with a tiny bit of batting).

The stoplight is certainly nothing special but it's a fun colour matching page.