Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday - #25

This week went by so fast I almost forgot to create this post, would have been a shame because there are some cute photos.

I think this photos is so beautiful, she's such a pretty girl.
Striped Onesie - Old Navy
Skinny Jeans - Children's Place
Yeti Boots - Old Navy


Grey Sweater with Lace Trim - H&M
Skinny Jeans - Children's Place (it's finally time to retire these jeans.  I realized the other day that she can't get up on jeans while wearing them because the crotch sits too low since they're too small.  I'll miss them and hopefully she quickly grows into the new ones I have in the drawer wating.)
Yeti Boots - Old Navy


White Long Sleeve Onesie - H&M
Grey Sweater - H&M
Black Ruched Leggings - Children's Place
Yeti boots - Old Navy

Alright, this outfit does look exactly like yesterday's just without the sweater.  You caught me.  I'm sure you'll think I'm an ever worse Mom when I confess that she slept in this last night and then wore it all day.  You see we seem to be having a pajama problem here, she grew out most of her pajamas all of a sudden and I haven't been very good at doing the laundry lately meaning a shortage of jammies.  As a result she wears a onesie and whatever stretchy pants I can find.  To give me some credit I do at least put socks on her at bed time.

Ribbon Necklace - Made by Me
Long Sleeve White Onese - Carters
Brown Jumper - Superstore (Last wear for this one too.  It's just a little too short)
Pink Heart tights - Superstore
Brown Shoes - Walmart


I've grown really used to Catie bringing me her yeti boots, it happens almost daily and I don't think twice about it anymore.  I was however, very surprised when she kept trying to put her winter coat on.  Brad helped her but in the back of my mind I thought, "Come on, she doesn't really want her coat on".  I took it off her pretty quick and she sat down and cried.  I quickly helped her put it back on and she wore it all morning until nap time.  Silly girl.

Brown Coat - Old Navy (for $13!  I was pretty pleased with my find)
White Long Sleeve Onesie - Carters (you guessed it, same one from yesterday and they made great pajamas)
Pink Fleece pants - Carter's (the other half of her pj's last night)
White sneakers - Walmart.  She should wear these much more often, I forgot how cute they are.


Scotty T - Superstore
Brown Pants - Old Navy

There you have it, another week of an adorable girl.

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Bohemia Design said...

I'll confess too! I have done the same thing MANY times. I put my daughter to bed in what she wore the day before and then the next day. It's fine, they are just as happy and they'll never know.

I'll confess something else... last Sunday my boys, (6 & 4) woke up and we just hung around the house. They stayed in their pajamas all day and then when it was time for bed, they just brushed their teeth and went right to bed!! Easy bed time!