Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #26 & 27

Most of you probably didn't even notice that I skipped What Cate Wore Wednesday last week.  I only took 3 photos and I had something I wanted to post more so I skipped it.  I figured this week I'd give you those 3 photos and a warning, she got some new boots and loves them so the're in a lot of pictures.


White T - Superstore
Ruffled Jean Skirt - Children's Place
Pink Tights - Superstore

The shirt has some cute rosettes on the front that I thought I'd close up for you.

White T - H&M
Skinny, Distressed Jeans - Children's Place

She didn't actually wear the sunglasses for very long but they're cute so I included it.

Sunglasses - $ Store
Striped Onesie - Old Navy
Jeans - Old Navy
Belt - Made by Me


Yeah, she's crying in this picture...
Long Sleeve White Onesie - Carters
Green T - Superstore (it's real snug but it was St. Patrick's Day and this is the only green t she owns)
Distressed Skinny Jeans - Children's Place
Brown Shoes - Walmart

And the boots have arrived.  She really didn't wear them to church and she wore tights but this was much after and a much better photo than the morning ones.

Long Sleeve White Onesie - Carters
Shirt/Dress - Carter's (refashioned by me)
Denim Mini Skirt - Children's Place
Boots - Walmart

She really did wear this all day and I actually took her out in public wearing this.  The sweater is adorable, the pink pants are horrible and pajamas and the boots are the perfect finishing touch.

Sweater - Superstore
Pajama Pants - Walmart
Yellow Boots - Walmart

I think she looks just like her cousin Riley in this picture.

Long Sleeve White Onesie - Carters
Blue Polka Dot T - H&M
Distressed Skinny Jeans - Children's Place
Boots - Walmart

Today we did something we haven't ever done before... pig tails

They were so darn cute we'll do them a lot more often.

There you have it, cute boots, cute hair... what more could you ask for.

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KL said...

Too cute - love the sunglasses!