Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #29

I told you last week that Catie really loves her new boots and if you didn't believe me then you sure will after this post.  It's also been really wet outside as some snow has melted so we've gone on lots of puddle stomping walks, they obviously require rain boots.


Even though they're not in the picture you can bet she wore her yellow boots at some point today.

Yellow Sweater - Old Navy
Brown T - Children's Place
Plaid Pants - Children's Place


Red T - Children's Place
Black Pants - Children's Place
Yellow Boots - Walmart


Okay, yes today's outfit looks suspiciously like yesterday's.  She is wearing pajama pants though, I at least changed those. I love how annoyed she looks in this photo.

Red T - Children's Place
PJ Pants - Superstore
Yellow Boots - Walmart


They're clean PJ's at least...  It was pretty nice outside today so we played in the yard a bit and some dog poop may have been eaten (ewww!)

Pajama top and Bottom - Superstore
Yellow Boots - Walmart

After dinner we went out for a bit so I put some real clothes on her
Striped Sweater - Superstore
She's even wearing a clean T from Old Navy that you can't really see
Jeans - Old Navy
Yellow Boots - Walmart


She didn't really wear this to church, I swear.  There was a pretty large pee incident during nursery though so the white onesie and the tights came off, the cute ruffled jean skirt came and sparkly red shoes came off as soon as we came in the house.  How cute are those little pig tails though?

Polka dot sweater - Superstore

Long Sleeve White Onesie - H&M
Grey Sweater - H&M
Jeans - Old Navy
Red Shoes - Target

Long Sleeve White Onesie - Carters
Blue T - Old Navy
Ribbon Belt - Made by Me
Jeans - Old Navy
Red Shoes - Target

The hat was made for Catie ages ago by a friend of mine.  It really wasn't cool enough out to need such a warm hat but she's actually starting to leave it on now.  She hated it when I first put it on her and would immediately whip it off, now that she's starting to like it I've been putting it on her a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Loooove the pink sweater! She's a doll!