Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #37

I don't actually write about Catie very often but this week I'm going to do a little so bear with me.

Catie's a very active little girl who learned to crawl before she learned to sit up.  Why sit when you can army crawl, and then really crawl and then walk until soon she ran just about everywhere she went.  I mention this because it makes me feel a little better about the fact that until very recently she didn't speak, at all.

Most kids learn Dada, and then Mama and then they grow they're vocabulary but Catie seems to be learning differently,  she'll say a word every once in a while (we heard Grandma once) but then we'll never hear it again.

When she was 19 months she finally decided to start communicating with words and she started with no.  It sounded like she had a cold and had a definite "d" in there, (dho) but it was clearly no.  A week or so later she added yes (yah, with a big head nod).  Her list is slowly growing and I wanted to document it here so I remember, so here is a very small list of words she says.
Thank you (usually she uses sign language but occasionally she'll use words instead)
Go (though it sounds more like Gah)
Fish (isss)
And Grandma West and I clearly heard her say once, "I don't like it"

It's so nice to have her finally be able to start to communicate with words, and while I know it will wear off I sure love hearing that no. Also, for a girl that doesn't speak she sure talks constantly, there is always a stream of words coming from her.  Brad and I joke that we just forgot to get an English speaking baby.  I look forward to the conversations I'll get to have with her one day but for now I'm just savouring the yes and no.

Okay, onto what she wore this week and as a rare bonus there's even a photo of me.

Short sleeve white onesie - Carters
Flower T - Carter's (altered by me)
Jean Capris - Old Navy (cut off by me)
Pink flip flops - Old Navy

Red T - Children's Place
Ruffle Skirt - Children's Place
Black ruched pants - Children's Place

This dress and sweater was a girft from Grandma West and the photo really doesn't do it justice, it looked so cute on her.

White Sweater and Dress - JC Penny
Pink Sandals - Walmart

 White Onese - Carters
Striped Sweater - Superstore
Jean Mini skirt - Children's Place

For a girl that get's her picture taken so often you'd think she'd be great at posing but you'd be wrong.  I chase her with a camera until I get lucky but today I asked if she would stand up for Mommy so I could take a picture and she did, for 3 seconds.  Luckily I was quick.


A rare photo of me
White Onesie - Carter's
Plaid Dress - Second Hand but made by Ralph Lauren
I think the shoes really make this outfit and they're from Target (they're red and sparkly)

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Anonymous said...

Catie is adorable. Such pretty blue eyes! My son (who is now almost two) started speaking the same way. When he started talking around 12 months or so, he'd say words randomly once or twice, then never again. FINALLY at about 18 months he started speaking a little more often, and now he's on to short sentences.

Aleyta said...

Oh my word she is too cute :)