Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #38

I finally did something I should have done ages ago, I increased the size of this column so I can post extra large landscape photos.  Enjoy the change.

She's doing her favourite activity here, looking for "Wok" aka, rocks.

Cherry Blue T - Superstore
Skirt - Old Navy
Sparkly Shoes - Target

Cousin Gwen came to visit and they watched tv together in cute dollar store chairs.

Polka dot dress - Carters
White Lace Capri's - H&M

Brown T - Annabanana
Plaid Capri's - JC Penny

And this photo was just too cute to not share.

This is one little girl that really likes to colour.

I love this dress so much.  It's from my Auntie Betty, not sure the store.  The white t is from H&M.

And a photo of her latest wound.
We were walking into church and she walked right into the corner of the open door.  The heavy metal door.  She was not happy and it looks far worse in person, today it's started to be nice and yellow.


It's possible this is the worst photo of Catie I've ever shared.  I promise she's not drugged.
The shirt is another from Auntie Betty.
The shorts are from H&M and the shoes are from Old Navy.

She's clutching a handful of Woks!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, she's darling!