Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #41

This is a picture heavy week, there were lots of good ones to share.  We've had lots of fun this week enjoying summer.

We went to Eau Claire Market today to play at the wading pool and Catie had a great time.  They have a jungle gym and some fountains and it was a great morning.

Sunglasses - Dollar Store
Bathing Suit - Gap

I was so happy when I captured this picture, this is the exact same face she makes every time she hears an airplane or hears the neighbours dogs outside.
Orange T - Walmart
Capri's - JC Penny

Love these little girls.  We went to the zoo today and Catie' two cousins, Gwen and Bryn came with us, they're playing ring around the rosie together.

Recently Catie has been incredibly clumsy and whiny and it was driving me crazy, then I put this dress on her.  The last time she wore it was no more than two weeks ago and suddenly it really isn't a dress anymore.  It's so short!  Apparently she's gone through a huge growth spurt which explains the clumsiness.

White Dress/Shirt - Carters
White Tights - Children's Place
Pink Sandals - Walmart

They have a playground at the zoo with this tube that kids can crawl through, I always want Catie to go through it but she never would, that is until Gwen led the way.  I love that you can see Gwen, Catie and Bryn all crawling along.

We went to our community centre today where they have a really nice playground, a spray park, a sandbox, fields to run in and bbq's for hotdogs.  All she wanted to do was play in the mud hole kids had created in the sandbox.  If she can't be dirty here where can she be, right?  Not sure her bathing suit is ever coming clean.

When she wasn't in her bathing suit she was wearing this.  Notice the mud on her eyebrow?  This was right before she was dumped in the bath.  She got her first band aids today, she tripped as she got to the park and skinned her knee badly enough to draw blood so we covered it up.

Yellow T - Walmart
Denim Mini - Children's Place
Pink Flip Flops - Old Navy


White Sweater & Pink Dress - JC Penny (thank you Grandma West)
Obviously those are my shoes she's wearing, she's carrying my keys and wearing a key fob around her neck.

We're down visiting my Mom and she had a little tea party with cousin Riley

Striped Tank - Walmart
White T - H&M
Jean Capris - Old Navy (made by me)


Blue T - H&M
Shorts - Old Navy
Pink Flip Flops - Old Navy

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