Friday, February 28, 2014

Horsie Rides

These girls love each other as much as ever.  One of their favourite activities is horsie rides with Daddy, usually they take turns but I particularly love when they ride together.

But this is even better (note that Eden is wearing Catie's shirt)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Videos of the Girls

A couple of random videos I've taken recently.

Catie's preschool had a Christmas concert (I'm sure it wasn't called Christmas) and they did all sorts of songs and one dance.  The dance was my favourite.  I especially like when her teacher comes in the video so you can see what they're supposed to be doing (it's not a great video and I think only a grandparent will love it).

This video needs no introduction.  Though the video's a couple months old and I can't believe how much younger she looks.

And lastly, a little bath tub peek a boo

Friday, February 21, 2014

Brad's Birthday

Brad turned 30 this year and as part of our celebration I thought we'd call him during the day and Catie could sing happy birthday to him.  Only once she got on the phone she got stage fright and clammed up, refusing to sing at all.   I convinced her to take a video of her singing instead which turned out to be even better because now we have it recorded.  I think the squirrel (that she oddly named Auntie) gave her courage.

For Brad's gift I gave him two nerf guns.  They were as big a hit as I had hoped and we'v got hours of enjoyment out of them already.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One Last Eden Update - 18 Months

One day Eden brought over one of Catie's clips that she found and wanted me to put it in her hair.  She wore it all day and it's convinced me that she should wear clips in her hair everyday because it makes her look sweeter than she really is.

Her first introduction to playdough.  She loved squishing it.

This is a terrible photo that didn't capture the moment at all but it will remind me.  Eden walked over the the living room and grabbed a diaper and the wipes and carried them into the kitchen.  Then she fetched her baby and brought it into the kitchen and laid it on the floor.  She placed the diaper on her baby... I'm pretty sure she was changing the baby's diaper. (don't mind the mess surrounding her)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Gymnastics 2013

Catie has been doing gymnastics for a long time and she's a star. At the end of each semester we get to go and watch and we can take videos.  I'm sure only me and grandparents will enjoy them but I think they're awesome.  Enjoy.

Balance Beam somersault

Her favourite trampoline Bounce

She does an awesome cartwheel

Balance beaming

 She hung out here for a while, just cause she can


And Eden even gets to play.  She was a superstar and hung on a bar, it's hard to tell but Coach Laura isn't holding on to her here.  I think she's a gymnast in the making.

In addition to gymnastics we added a ballet class.  

She class is so cute, her teacher is graceful and lovely and the kids are like elephants.  I love it, though Catie's unsure is she likes it or not.  It's not something that comes as easily as gymnastics but I think she's warming up to it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas was so much fun this year, Catie was really into it and was finally excited to see Santa.

We gave Eden this baby in a bed and I loved that first thing in the morning she waddles over and put the baby's soother in her own mouth.

These next photos are super blurry but they show her finding the bottle and instantly putting it in her own mouth.

Catie got even more horses for Christmas, just the way she likes it.

Grandma gave Eden this great wagon

And this is how it gets used most often.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mostly Eden Update - 18 months

I've been super absent, I know.  Eden's a handful and I rediscovered my love of reading books, so not a lot is getting done around here.  How about some photos to catch you up on the girls.

We had everyone to our house for a Christmas Wiebe Family Talent Show and for me the highlight was easily the handbells that Jenny brought.  Many Christmas carols were loudly rung and I loved every minute.  The kids were adorable with their talents and it may be repeated next year.

I suspect I have posted this picture before but it's still one of my favourites so I'm posting it again, though I'm surprised how much longer her hair is now.

And Eden's hair.  It's pretty poker straight, only just after a bath the back gets all these adorable curls that are hard to photograph.

Eden's getting so big, such a grown up girl.  She climbs up on kitchen chairs now and is into all sorts of trouble but she's super cute.  

We have many, many moments that look like this, at 18 months she's not terribly rational.
She did go to nursery at church last week though and it was a huge success, no tears, no problems at all so we're celebrating.

And the obvious way to put the star on top the tree

Eden loves hats, shoes and her sister's clothes.  If Catie's shirt or sweater is left out she'll wiggle into it, I think Catie's in trouble once they're both teenagers.

She loves books

and ice cream

and babies too.  I liked that she climbed in the box, with her baby.

Daddy and her are good buddies

We look forward to her learning more words so hopefully we'll get fewer tantrums and more giggles.

Friday, November 8, 2013

New Boots

bought Eden some new boots today and she's quite taken with them. 
If only I could get myself a matching pair we'd be set. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hand Warmers

I have a lovely friend on a mission for the LDS church in Winnipeg, Canada. Now if you know anything about Winnipeg you know that it's real cold.  I wanted to send her a package and one of the things I added was some adorable hand warmers.

I looked up on Pinterest and found these super cute Owl ones from Repeat Crafter.  She even gives you a template to print and use so if you want to make some you should go over there.

I wanted to include some for Becca's roommate too so I also made these little hearts.  They're filled with rice so before you leave the house you  pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and then tuck them in your gloves for some toasty hands.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

What the Girls Wore #100

Time for some pictures of these cute ladies of mine.

Eden is all girl, she loves babies.  She carries them around and kisses them.

Eden's stool.  She uses the stool to climb up on the couch.

Again with the babies.

Eden's not much for tv but she sat and watched a little Sesame Street the other day.

Geoffrey.  He's very important, she sleeps with him and loves, loves him.  Her favourite game is to have me hold him while she kisses him and giggles.

Who knew one fudgee-o could make this much of a mess.

Playing at Granny's and Grandpa's

Playing the guitar with Daddy.

 Cupcake eating is a serious business.

Henrik "shot" Catie and she died.

How I love these girls and the way they love each other.

The shoes right beside her are not surprising, she loves shoes. Carries them over to have them put on her.

I don't remember what she was eating but it must have been delicious.

This is Catie's backpack that she takes to school but Eden thinks it's fun.  She likes to put it on, and take it off, and put it on, and take it off.

We went to A&W for lunch the other day and the cashier gave the girls suckers, Eden was super thrilled.

In the same day I took sleeping pictures of both girls, such sweet girls.

Cousin Emma came to visit and they enjoyed looking out at the neighbor's dogs.

It looks like Eden is showing Emma how to play with her toys.  They're actually not super friends, Emma's always a little unsure of Eden and I think she's relieved when she get's to go home and have some alone time.  Love these ladies :)

We had a nice day and we took advantage of it by heading to the zoo.  It's still half closed from the flood damage but we had a great time in the Canadian Wilds.

 Playing at the park.

Love these girls, they're growing up and are so much fun.