Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Catie Wore Wednesday #11

I think getting a good photo is getting more and more difficult, I suppose that happens when you first learn to run.


Headband - Made by me
Grey Sweater - H&M (I know this picture doesn't show the sweater very well but she'll wear it again
Long Sleeve Onesie - Carters
Skinny Leg Jeans - Children's Place
Shoes - Zellers


Long Sleeve Onesie - Carters (you'll see a lot of these)
T shirt - Superstore?  I can't remember.  The strawberry is sequins and it says Naturally Sweet underneath
Jeans - Old navy

(you should check out my office chair makeover)


Long Sleeve White Onesie - Carters
Pajama Pants - Walmart

I drove down to Cutbank today to mail off my giveaway and when I left Catie was in pajamas.  She was in the same pajamas when I got home many hours later.  That's how the day goes when Daddy's in charge.  This picture was taken by Daddy, seems like things go a little differently when Mommy is gone :)


Headband - Made by Me
White Long Sleeve Onesie - Carters
Dress - I'm not sure where it's from, it's on loan
White Jelly Shoes - Anabanana

The above picture obviously shows the outfit the best but how could I leave this one out?

White Long Sleeve Onesie - Carters
Yellow Sweater - Old Navy
Embroidered Jeans - Esprit

She's discovered that she loves to carry around my purse


Navy Shirt - Old Navy
Jeans - Old Navy

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