Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dress Alterations

So I have this maternity dress that I like a lot but it was always just a little bit short so yesterday I showed you the slip I made to extend the dress a little.  I've also always hated the sleeves, they are really fluttery and showed a lot of armpit so I always felt like I needed to wear a t-shirt underneath which made it bulky and uncomfortable.

Here's a finished photo with the slip and then we'll talk about the sleeves.

Notice how tight those shoes are?  They also really didn't match at all, I ended up wearing different ones when I went out.

Now for the sleeves.  I took in about two inches under the armpit and then added some tucks to the sleeves.  They're not the most beautiful and I'm sure there was a much better way to fix them but it worked.

The before (which it turns out is incredibly difficult to take the photo myself, this is the best I could do).

And the altered sleeve.

And a really flattering armpit shot, sorry I didn't take a before.  Now I can wear the dress with a light tank and it's far more comfortable.


Jenn said...

That's a cute dress and good job on the sleeves. Looks great.

Tanya said...

Good fix!

Anonymous said...

Great alterations! I need to get bridal alterations in Houston, TX. Can you give me some tips of what to do? I don't know if you know any, but you fixed up your dress nicely so...

Unknown said...

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