Thursday, March 14, 2013

Change is Good

Sometimes we get stuck in these ruts and we do things because its what we know, not because it's the best. I may have over reacted a bit yesterday about Google Reader going away. I figured that as soon as I heard the news it was time to find a new reader so I read a couple reviews and pretty quickly downloaded Feedly. It took about three minutes for me to proclaim, "So long Google Reader". I'm totally hooked on Feedly.

To start, it uses your existing Google account so I didn't have to re-add my feeds (When Reader goes away Feedly is prepared to smoothly transition my account). It has an app for your mobile devices, both Apple and Android, (there is also a desktop version) which is the only place I ever read my feeds these days. My favourite part though is how great it looks. It makes every post look so extra professional, check out these screen shots I took.

To mark items as read you just give a little swipe.

Any your categories show up on the left when you want them.

For more details watch their video, it will make the Google Reader blow far more bearable.

So download the app, get rid of Google, this seems to be better and the change is inevitable, better sooner rather than later.