Monday, February 10, 2014

Mostly Eden Update - 18 months

I've been super absent, I know.  Eden's a handful and I rediscovered my love of reading books, so not a lot is getting done around here.  How about some photos to catch you up on the girls.

We had everyone to our house for a Christmas Wiebe Family Talent Show and for me the highlight was easily the handbells that Jenny brought.  Many Christmas carols were loudly rung and I loved every minute.  The kids were adorable with their talents and it may be repeated next year.

I suspect I have posted this picture before but it's still one of my favourites so I'm posting it again, though I'm surprised how much longer her hair is now.

And Eden's hair.  It's pretty poker straight, only just after a bath the back gets all these adorable curls that are hard to photograph.

Eden's getting so big, such a grown up girl.  She climbs up on kitchen chairs now and is into all sorts of trouble but she's super cute.  

We have many, many moments that look like this, at 18 months she's not terribly rational.
She did go to nursery at church last week though and it was a huge success, no tears, no problems at all so we're celebrating.

And the obvious way to put the star on top the tree

Eden loves hats, shoes and her sister's clothes.  If Catie's shirt or sweater is left out she'll wiggle into it, I think Catie's in trouble once they're both teenagers.

She loves books

and ice cream

and babies too.  I liked that she climbed in the box, with her baby.

Daddy and her are good buddies

We look forward to her learning more words so hopefully we'll get fewer tantrums and more giggles.