Monday, August 21, 2006

Fairytale Life

I always loved fairytales growing up, I loved princesses and castles and knights on horses, Fairies with wings and flowers in their hair. I love dresses and makeup and ribbons and lace… I like looking pretty and cooking and taking care of others, boys opening doors and fixing anything broken. In summary, I’m about as stereotypically a girl as it gets.

This has led to the discovery of Laura jobs and non Laura jobs.
Lifting a rolled up raft from the truck to the shore, that’s definitely not a Laura job. Making breakfast for the strong men that will do the above job? Laura written all over it.
Carrying tents and moving stacked chairs also fall into the non Laura category. Dinners and picking up wedding gifts I’ve got covered though.

I appreciate those who understand our distinct roles. Glad we came to an understanding so early in our friendship.


Anonymous said...

I think your little note falls under the catagory of Pink and Blue jobs. How was the rafting? and the wedding reception

- Mom xoxox