Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stories too Embarrassing to Share

So I know that entries are few and far between lately but in my defense, I started an entry yesterday but it ended up being so boring I deleted it. Really, it was no good. It was about this site, it makes for a good read if your bored.

So I had thought that I'd share a story from a awhile ago and was trying to come up with something when I remembered I happen to have my journal at work. So I pulled it open and thought I'd find a good gem or two. Boy was I wrong! That thing is embarrassing! I think I must destroy it! It's all about what boy I'm interested and their every movement that could even slightly be interpreted in my favour... there's no way I'm sharing any of that. It's also become apparent that I only write in my journal when it's about boys. I think I'll make an effort to change that.

So Let's just say that I've grown up a lot. I was silly and a little boy crazy and clingy and needy... thank goodness I learned to be independent and much more mature. Sorry to all those boys I hung out with back then, I'm a much better person now :)