Thursday, August 2, 2007


I’ve been waiting for this release for a while now, the new Yellowcard album.
The last album they made was not good, it was not anywhere near the sound of Ocean Avenue so when I started to hear good things about this latest album I was excited. The band members themselves admitted that Lights and Sounds wasn’t very good.

For this new album they went with a new producer and have been talking about how they’ve gone back to what they love and have made an album they’re really proud of. I’ll admit, I had high expectations but this new album just doesn’t cut it. The overall sound is very close to Ocean Avenue which I appreciate, but the songs all sound the same. They’ve taken that formula and applied it to every song, it’s boring. There are two noticeably different songs, Paper Walls, which uses a cheesy boys choir at the beginning and Dear Bobby which is cliché in the lyrics and the use of the old man speaking was silly.

So overall I give Paper Walls a 2.5 out of 5, I’m disappointed, I expected more.