Monday, December 10, 2007

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Like every little girl I had visions of being a figure skater... whom among us didn’t?
Not surprisingly that didn’t really turn out but I did used to really like to skate. I thought I was pretty good too, definitely comfortable on the ice, it was one of the very few sports that I actually liked to participate in. My Mom liked to skate so I have lots of memories of skating at the local arena. The Young Men and Women used to go skating on the Fish Pond sometimes too, I even remember a bonfire on the ice one year. Those trips always involved the standard scalding hot chocolate.

As I got older and eventually moved away from home the skating trips became non-existent and it was years before I laced them up again. Then I started dating Bradley who really likes to skate and we liked that it was something free we could do in the winter for a cheap night. So we took my old, too small skates and turned them in to (traded them in for) some really great new skates that are actually comfortable.

Last year we started going skating at local rinks but we purchased the new skates a little bit late so they weren’t used very often and since I hadn’t skated in years I really wasn’t good.

This Saturday Brad and I decided it was time to pull out our skates so we headed over to Olympic Plaza. We had such a great time and we even managed to go right before the ice was zambonied, meaning we got to skate on such smooth ice after. I was really pleased with how quickly it came back this time. I was much more comfortable than I’d been last year.

So I have a few skating related goals:

  1. Be able to stop like I used to. You know, hockey style. I used to do it no problem but it’s definitely going to take some practice to get back there. I can’t stop at all anymore.
  2. Skate often enough this year to be a decent skater.
  3. Find others who own their own skates so we can go together.

These aren't exactly like mine but they're pretty close. Nice eh? And way better than those silly white ones.