Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Food Network Here I Come

As previously mentioned Brad and I live in a tiny apartment, we sacrifice because one day we want to own a house. Trying to reach our house dream quicker we try to save and budget. One easy way we've found to do that is to get good use out of the bunny ears and skip cable TV. We've always been fine with that decision.

We took a trip to Utah for Christmas and we stayed in hotels while we were there. Excited for the rare cable TV moment we turned it on and it didn't take long for me to find and be obsessed with the Food Network. In May we went up to Edmonton for the weekend and stayed in a hotel, again Brad was forced to watch non-stop food network. It's pretty much my dream channel.

The other day we got a flier for Telus TV and with our phone, internet and TV it's only going to cost us $15 more than what we've been paying; we think it's worth it so here come days and days of nothing but Food Network. It will be a sad day when we've had it long enough for the re-runs to start actually being re-runs to me.