Monday, August 30, 2010

Glitter Toenails

Well it seems this is the new in thing for toenails, pretty sparkles to dress up your toes.  I hadn't heard anything about it but luckily I have a Mom who is up to date on these things.  She came over and gave my toes this lovely treatment and we took photos along the way so you can do yours too.

This is your end result, pretty hey?

Here are your supplies. 
You're going to need some toenail polish in a colour of your choice, some clear topcoat and some Martha Stewart glitter that co-ordinates with the polish.  I used Orange Sorbet over a yellow polish and I love the results.

There are tons of glitter options though, all of these came in one pack

First you start with nice clean, bare toes.  You can see my skin is still just a little red from where I removed my old polish, no big deal, it'll wear off.

Apply a base coat with your polish and let dry.  I don't actually like the yellow on it's own but the glitter makes it perfect.

Once dry apply a second coat to your big toe only, immediately sprinkling some glitter over the toe.  Make sure you work over some sort of surface like a piece of paper so you can re-use the run off.  Once the big toe is done continue with the other toes doing no more than two at once.

Let your toes dry and then apply a top coat of clear polish to finish up.

There are so many colour options, Mom chose a purple polish with Sugar Plum glitter and Catie used Bubble Gum pink (ever try to take a picture of an almost one year old's toes?  Not easy!)

Now go dress up your toes!

One note, Mom said that the glitter gets a little dull after a while but you just layer on another clear coat and it's beautiful again.


Maggie said...

What a fun idea - I never would have thought of using craft glitter on my toes!

Jen and Ian Isackson said...

how do you even paint Catie's toes? It is a miracle! My one yr old sure wouldn't sit for that. Too bad cause they sure look cute!

Laura said...

I do it while she's eating and it's no small task. Work fast and try to be accurate. It's never perfect but cute anyway.

BlondieBlueEyes said...

Thanks for sharing. I think glitter toes are so cute and now I can do my own for far less. Thanks again.

michele said...

a girl at work had her toes glittered and i noticed them the other day....i think this warrants me buying some martha glitter! i've never tried it but hear it is FABULOUS! thanks for the inspiration

Erin said...

How fun is this! I'm going to go home and paint my daughters toes tonight! Thanks!!!

BlondieBlueEyes said...

I glittered my toes and my daughters toes up this morning. They are so cute. Thanks again!!

bookaddict4real said...

I like this idea but does it have to be Martha Stewart glitter will
another brand do?(

Laura said...

Any brand should work as long as it's super fine. I think Martha's is best because she has the prettiest colours.

C.R.A.F.T. said...

i over glitter toes!! come on over and link up to MMM!

Lisa said...

Cute! How bad is it to get off when it starts chipping? : )

I think I actually still have glitter polish from the late 90's when this was really popular!