Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #50

Okay, be prepared for an onslaught of photos this week.  We had a good week with lots of activities.

Today cousin Gwen  came over and the girls made cookies.  It was adorable and they did an awesome job and I really should have done a post on this alone but I didn't.  This was the first time I've really baked with Catie and it was so successful I'm sure there will be many more baking days in our future.

The cookies needed to be rolled into balls and Gwen was really good at it (until we could no longer convince her to stop making snakes).  Catie's were a little less round, often she'd drop it on the cookie sheet and we'd hand it back to her again for a little more rolling.
I love how hard Gwen is concentrating.

Look at that pan of rolled cookies, they did so well.

Catie eagerly took each new lump of dough (the girl's aprons are pretty cute hey?  You read about how I made them and find a tutorial here).

Once the cookies were rolled they needed to be slightly pressed with the bottom of a glass and it was some work convincing the girls that the glasses were for pressing and not for drinking.  I kept having the refill Catie's glass between cookies.  Again, you can tell Gwen is older because she caught onto this step really quickly, some of Catie's were really well pressed.

This is also my favourite picture because of the obvious bite out of one of Catie's cookies.

The cookies were delicious, a good time was had and the mess wasn't as big as I had anticipated.

Nothing special happened today, just hanging around the house and again, I can't remember why she was so upset.  I swear this sweater vest is magic, it just seems to have always fit her no matter how she grows.
Grandma laid down on the couch and Catie decided it looked like a good idea so she spread out on the love seat.

Every morning for breakfast I get Catie some cereal and milk and then while she eats I make a smoothie.  When I'm finished I give her a little glass and a straw and she drinks a little but normally it's not very long before she tells me she's done so she gets down watches TV while I finish my breakfast.  Only every morning she comes and sits on my lap to watch her show and drink smoothie with me, her head pressed against mine.  It's lovely.

In the evening cousin Brynn and Catie fed the ducks (and geese and seagulls) and I couldn't have been more pleased with Catie's reaction.  

She took the bread, threw it and then laughed.  I just happened to get a great video of it so you can all enjoy her really great laugh.

Once the bread was all gone the girls spent their time chasing the seagulls and sitting on the edge of the lagoon.  It was a perfect way to spend the evening.
This girl is tall, she really needs some new church clothes.

Playing at Gwenn's house, she has the best toys.  A cardboard play house and a dog bed.
We went to the park today, she's especially interested in the regular swings these days.

As if this post wasn't long enough, I thought I'd add a few Catie tidbits to make sure we remember them.

As all parents do, we think she's a genius.  Through nothing we've done she's learned to count.  She counts 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 all on her own, she knows which number comes next.  When we count with her we say 1, and she says 5.  We say 2 and she says 5.  We say 3 and 4 and again she says 5.  Only after we say 5 does she move on to 6.

She's getting pretty good at what animals say.  She has a really great lion roar and dogs say woof woof (only her mouth stays in a really thin line when she says it).  Sheeps say baa and birds say cheep cheep but hands down our favourite is what a cow says, BOOOOO, BOOOOO.

She's lovely and this stage is awesome.