Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #52

Cousin Gwen has a trampoline and these three ladies spend a whole lot of time together jumping.  They play ring around the rosie and do a lot of bum drops.

For her birthday Catie was given some finger paints so we tried them out today.

I know it looks like she was nice and neat and barely getting her fingers in the paint but this was very early in the painting.  The clean up definitely required a bath and filled page after page.

While she was painting I asked her to tell me some animal sounds and it's pretty adorable.

Playing in the yard

While I was at my craft fair Daddy played with Catie and cousin Riley and took some photos for me.

Sunday, time to pull out the tights

And then later in the day the girls wanted to jump on the trampoline and it was cold so we added some layers.

We went to the zoo today

This seagull didn't stand a chance, it got mercilessly chased around.  You'd think it would just fly away but instead it just ran and ran while Catie giggled and gave chase.