Monday, January 23, 2012

Bathtub Vinyl

Check it out, an actual blog post.  Don't expect this to be a trend though, as much as I wish this was the first of many posts sadly it's just the only for a while.  I can't shake this creative funk.

You can tell blogging has been light around here because it's been over two weeks since Christmas and I still haven't mentioned here that I got an incredible gift this year.  My sister-in-law organized with everyone to get me my very own Silhouette.  I know I haven't shown any evidence on the blog here but I'm so thrilled with this present.  I have a list of projects in my head waiting to be made but they all involve gathering supplies and it's super cold out.  I did come across one today on Pinterest that I thought was cute and took no time to put together.

I put this on the bathtub in our guest bathroom, the one that Catie uses and although these photos make it look crooked it really is on straight (I think).

It was exciting to cut my very first vinyl, the opportunities are endless if I would just go out and get some darn supplies.

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Samantha said...

When we finally buy our own house, I am planning on doing that exact same thing in our boys bathroom! I love it.

And I know the feeling. I have been in a creative funk since Christmas myself. Maybe it is because everything was so hectic and I just haven't fully recovered yet... Who knows.