Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Catie Wore Wednesday #69

Again, some of these are iPhone photos so they're not great but cute none the less.

Cousin Gwen came to play and they were in Catie's room, we investigated and found them playing on the change table.

Occasionally I walk into Catie's room after her nap and find her laying on the shelf, it was cute to see them both there together.

I was trying to be a good Mom this day and thinking of new and fun activities for her to do so I pulled out some rice, some cups and bowls and let her at it.  She loved it, too bad I kept finding rice three days later, that stuff is hard to sweep up.

Playing with Daddy

We have an iPhone app that lets you draw and I couldn't resist saving this awesome picture that Catie drew.  I think it's her first real artwork.

Okay, I know this next one is a really terrible photo but I had to share it anyway.  She often gets horsey rides from Daddy and today she gave Mr. Brown a piggy back ride.

We had a bad day last week and I wanted to do something fun for Catie so I blew up a couple balloons, it did the trick and she played with them for quite some time.  I drew the line when she wanted to take them to bed with her for a nap.

And a special video bonus today, singing Once There was a Snowman with Daddy.


Jenn said...

That horsey ride is SO CUTE! And the work of art, too. So cute.