Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Catie Wore Wednesday #71

My sister posted this photo of these amazing lace tights she made for her daughter and I loved them and wanted some.

Coincidentally I think it was the very next day that Pick Your Plum offered some lace tights for cheap.  I don't generally buy from Pick Your Plum very often because although they have awesome prices the Canadian shipping usually makes it not cheap anymore, these ones were worth the price though.  I even gambled on the sex of our bun in the oven and bought some smaller ones as well and that paid off since she's a girl.  I do love the lace cuffs that Jenn put on hers and I may do the same, we'll see though.  She's only worn them once so far because it's really not quite warm enough for them but I bought a black pair as well and I look forward to some warmer weather.
After I took the above photo she wanted to see and she loved that Mr. Brown was in the picture so I took another of mostly Mr. Brown.

Playing with blocks

We seemed to have turned a corner in our photo taking.  These days as long as I ask her if I can take a photo she normally she says yes and if I ask her to smile I get something awesome like this.
I bought her some new pajamas and I think they're super cute.  I took a photo of Catie so we could send it to Daddy and show him her new pajamas.

When we lived with my in-laws and it rained I would suggest we go outside to play in the puddles, we'd head out only to find that there weren't any puddles.  Their neighborhood drained so well there wouldn't be a single puddle to play in.  Our new apartment building is clearly the opposite which Catie loves.

By the time we went inside she had three inches of water inside her boots.

Aunt Jo gave Catie some foam stickers and she loves them.  She spread them all over Daddy and thought it was so funny.


NapaBee said...

Hi Laura! I have been following all your cute ideas! Love them!

I was wondering what font you use for your headers "Laura Thoughts". I was hoping to use it for a project I'm working on.

Thanks :)

Unknown said...

hi there NapaBee, thanks for the comment, glad you follow the blog and perhaps one of these days I'll even post something new :)

The font I've used in my header is called Porcelain and I'm pretty sure you can find it for free if you Google it.