Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Catie Wore Wendesday #76

I know I've skipped these posts a lot lately but I find sitting at the computer really uncomfortable for my feet.  Good news though is that I only have 4 weeks until this bun is finished cooking and then we can add a second lady to these posts.

Because I've skipped a couple posts I have lots of fun photos this week.

This is her favourite place to sit, on the overhanging counter.  I probably should have put an end to it but I haven't.

This summer she's discovered her favourite dessert, an ice cream cone.  Not just ice cream, but in a cone.

Grandma came to visit and brought Catie all sorts of treasures.  She knew immediately what to do with them and put on every necklace and ring.  Her favourite treasure though were the shoes.  She loves them and wears them often.  As soon as she put them on she proclaimed herself Cinderella and told us she was on her way to a ball.

We had a week of seriously hot weather so we spent as much time doing water related activities as possible. Our favourite is this wading pool where we've spent hours trying to stay cool.

The other treasure Grandma brought was this Cinderella computer and while she's really too young for it she loves the thing anyway.  She walks around and asks, "Where's my puter?"

Playing with Uncle Rob, who's glasses she later found.  She thought she was super cool.

Enjoying the Popsicle Grandma bought her, though she thought it was really cold and ended up incredible sticky.

I put Catie down for a nap wearing the pink shirt and found her after the nap wearing the polka dot red shirt as well, only she missed a sleeve.  She's trying to put those pants on too.

I had a dream the other night that I went back to school so Catie went to live with my parents for a year.  I missed her so terribly that when I woke up it made me a much better Mother for the day.  We had planned on staying home and doing nothing but instead we impulsively packed up, grabbed some doughnuts for breakfast and went to a Stampede breakfast where we skipped the pancakes and rode ponies.  There was a petting zoo with pigs, chicks, goats and bunnies that she loved.  (You'd think I'd never taken a photo before, yes, that's my finger in the bottom corner).

They also had this saddle that kids could climb up on to take photos, I love her smile these days.
We got her a balloon, called it a morning and she was thrilled.  I'm still grateful for the dream.


Helen M said...

Im from Australia and I always think of Canada as lots and lots and LOTS lol of snow! Something at 36 I've never seen and neither have my children (hubbys English & says its overrated ;)but looking at your blog Im very wrong... love your stories, thanks for sharing x