Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eden's Stocking

I crafted!  It's amazing!

Last year I made our family new stockings, you can read about them here, and see the awful old ones.  It was kind of a shame, I knew I was pregnant when I made them but no one else did (not even Brad) so I couldn't make an extra one without giving anything away, which meant this year I needed to make a stocking for Eden.  I had been smart though and I at least cut the stocking shape out last year so I had somewhere to start from.

I decided to make her a reindeer and I'm thrilled with the way it turned out.

 I think Catie's and Eden's stocking's look particularly cute together.

And the families.. still kicking myself for writing Brad and Laura instead of Mom and Dad but it will survive another year, perhaps I'll change it next year.

(My nativity looks amazing on the mantel hey?)


Regina said...

Great job on the stocking and I don't see how you kept that secret. ^_^

The stockings all look great together and I LOVE your mantel.

Merry Christmas Hugs,

Jenn said...