Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Latest Hospital Visit

All right, it's time for an Eden update.

Since the last time I wrote here she's been hospitalized again and been on antibiotics twice more.  I've been getting pretty smart about this thing so when she started to seem off I collected a new urine sample and took it to the lab.  But the urine culture takes 48 hours and of course for this test the culture was ready on a Saturday at 6:00 so there was no way to find out the results.  At 10:00 that night she started to get really fussy, I knew they'd be able to look up the sample at the hospital so off I headed.

While we waited for the doctor the nurse took a new sample.  The doctor came, looked up her sample and it was clear but they'd tested the new sample and it wasn't clear.  So we started the admitting process all over again.  The'd give IV antibiotics until the culture is back and they can send us home with oral medicine.  They took us up to pediatrics where they took a urine sample by catheter because it's a lot more reliable and inserted an IV.

Now here's where I kick myself.  You think that nurses know exactly what they're doing so you shouldn't question but I"m getting really comfortable with collecting a urine sample and I was really uneasy with the way the nurse went about it.  She didn't put on gloves, she didn't clean Eden before she put the bag on and to top it off she didn't know which way the bag went on.  I had to tell her.

With the sample collected from the catheter they were running a urine culture but they hadn't planned on doing another analysis so I requested one.  It was now 3 am and finally time to let Eden get some sleep, so I calmed her and got her down and then I raced home to shower and pack a bag for the next two days.

I got back at 5 am where they now had the analysis back and it's clear, no sign of an infection.  So because the nurse took a poor sample Eden now has an unnecessary IV and we can't go home until the doctor comes in to see us later in the day.  Poor Eden had such a rough night, between 10:00 pm and 3:00 am she slept for about 20 minute.  A nurse would just touch her and she'd start to sob.  So my poor lady cried all night for no reason.  We waited at the darn hospital until 5:00 pm until we were finally released.  12 hours later.

Definitely not my favourite hospital visit.  All so very preventable.  But on the bright side, at least she doesn't have another infection and they got the sample back before they gave her any unnecessary antibiotics which are so hard on her system.  So we're back home, she's fussy like usual but infection free.