Monday, July 22, 2013

Evolution of a Blog

I think it's time for me to face up to the kind of blog I'm writing here.

Since I started here in 2006 it's become all different things. It started out as a way to vent my feeling and often included dramatic boy related thoughts. Then I got married and it was all about wedding and married bliss. With a baby came a baby blog and then my favourite of all my blogging phases, the crafty blog.

For quite some time I had a new craft to share, every single week day and I love the new skills I learned and the things I learned about myself. As that crafty period has started to dwindle I've been posting less and less because I know so many readers are only interested in the fun projects I did and don't care about my beautiful girls. 

But it's time to be honest and admit that I'm just not inspired the way I once was and things are heading in a new direction.  I've re-covered just about every baby object I own and there just isn't anything left for me to experiment with, and it's the new projects that got me excited. With a second baby my free time during the day is limited and gets put towards important things like the mountain of laundry I have waiting to fold or the next episode of scrubs to watch. 

I suspect that from here on out you can expect a family blog, full of photos of fun activities we've done or funny things the girls have done. There will be a crafty project here and there because that's still part of who I am, just not the focus for now. So if lots of photos of my girls is boring then I won't be offended if you move on and find someone new who is crafty like I once was. Let me recommend a few of my favourite crafty blogs to get you started.

I'll still be here, blogging away though so check back occasionally. And to peak your interest here's a list of some things you can expect to read about in the future. 

  • Family Photos
  • Potty training
  • An awesome ice cream party
  • Some alphabet photo props
  • A trip to Big Hill Springs Park
  • And some My Little Pony T-Shirts (I'm addicted)


Jenn said...

Posts about your family are my favorite anyway. I'm sticking with you! :)