Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Staycation 2012

This year we talked about what sort of summer vacation we wanted and ended up deciding we'd stay at home and do all sorts of fun things.  I was determined that we would do something fun every single day and taking a photo made me accountable.  In case you don't follow me on Instagram here's a re-cap.

We started on a Friday and went to the Science Centre.  It's fairly new here in town and we'd been wanting to go, this was the perfect opportunity.

Catie played in the kids area and had a blast.  We watched a movie about butterflies and had a great time exploring.

Nest we went over to the wave pool which is one of our favourite places.  We often struggle with Eden but she was super well behaved today.  These photos are thanks to my sister-in-law's underwater camera.
I don't have a photo of Sunday but we took some time and taught Catie how to play games on the computer.  It's really been a nice treat for me, because in the morning, instead of waking me up she goes and plays on the computer.

Monday was my birthday so there was extra celebrating.

We had planned to go to Calaway Park, the forecast called for rain in the afternoon but they lied and it rained all morning.  To save the day we hopped in the car last minute and drove to Drumheller where we ate lunch and toured the Dinosaur museum.  She was a little young for the museum so she ran from exhibit to exhibit with very little pause but it was still a great day.  In the evening we ate cake, perfect.

Tuesday morning we picked up a couple of Catie's cousins and headed over to the theatre to watch the My Little Pony Movie in new t-shirts.  The day was so beautiful that we hit up the spray park in the afternoon and then went to a belated birthday dinner.

Wednesday was hot so we filled up the pool and spent the day eating popsicles and enjoying the sun.

Thursday we headed down to Magrath to meet up with my family but I didn't take a picture so you'll just have to imagine Catie playing in the backyard with cousins.

Friday was my favourite.  We went to the Fish Pond with all of her cousins to look for frogs.  Catie almost instantly fell in some super disgusting water and was horrified.  We dried her off with a blanket and then she was good to go.  She caught the first frog all by herself and we all took photos.  Then we found a snake and a super tame butterfly.  The playground was the perfect capper.  Grandma is the best for coming up with the plan.
Saturday, my brother got married.  It was an awesome reason to get the family together and in the evening we took photos (there will be a post on that later).  Check out that cake, awesome hey?  It was a group effort, I take credit for the icing.
And the final day of our staycation was filled with more cousins and a drive home.

Awesome week.  Hopefully to be repeated some other year.