Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gold Spray Painted Shells

Since I hung my gallery wall I've been wanting to add more gold to my house and finally came up with an awesome idea, to paint a sea shell.  I pitched the idea to Brad (I knew he'd care more about the shell than I do) and since it was a gift from his parents he wasn't too thrilled with the idea.  I dismissed it but once again my awesome Mom came through for me and gifted me three shells.  I figured three was a bit much unless I was going for a beach theme (which I'm not) so I only painted two.  They just turned out so incredible!

I apologize but I didn't take a picture of the star before, here's the shell though, pre paint.  It was a very nice shell, but just a shell, which is not my things.

I gave the shell 4 light coats and the star only took 2, in fact the bottom only needed 1.  These shells painted up so quick and perfectly that I think it was the most satisfying paint job I've ever done.

The star is so delicate, and these shells catch the light and shine like I didn't expect.

Before I painted I checked on Pinterest for the best gold spray paint and found this awesome blog post that took all the guess work out, she did all the hard work and this is her photo below.

I liked the Rust-Oleum best so that's what I used and I'd highly recommend it.

I put these both on my fireplace mantel and the only thing that would make them better is more gold!  I'm a little addicted.

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marie said...

I'd love to know where you got, or how you made that artwork! Thanks in advance