Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I went bowling on Saturday. I don't think I've been bowling for at least a year. Last time I went was with Cora and Ken and I can't remember who else. I just remember my shameful game. I was terrible...luckily I vaguely remember someone being worse than me (but it was pretty bad). So this weekend when someone suggested bowling I had my reservations.

The last time I went was ten pin and this time we decided to play five pin which apparently makes a HUGE difference. After warning everyone multiple times how really bad I was I somehow managed to come in first in my lane and second overall...twice! I was more surprised than everyone (especially Nathan who got beat by a girl twice :o). It turned out to be a surprisingly enjoyable evening.

So the moral of this story...don't give up on something if you're really bad at it...just try a new variety of the same something! You might be surprised.

(As a side note, by the time I got to the end of this blog I remembered vividly my last bowling experience. There were three boys there that made things extremely complicated...one of them I was just beginning to be interested in...one I'd held hands with but wanted nothing to come of it and one I think I should be interested in. I bravely attempted to show equal interest in all three so no one's feelings were hurt and I think overall it was pretty successful. Take my advice...don't go with three boys you might be interested in...not good.)