Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stroller Re-cover

This was a project I had thought about doing a while ago and then dismissed it because it seemed too difficult but Michelle really wanted to re-cover her's so I decided to tackle my stroller in preparation.  Her's is a double so it'll be more difficult but I'm now convinced that we'll be just fine.  This project was the main one that encouraged the Great Falls trip with Mom and I was so pleased with the fabric I found and the price I found it at.

I carefully took apart all the pieces of my stroller, cut out new fabric and re-assembled using the original seam binding.  It looks so much better!

Here's the before and then a bunch of after shots.


Cathy West said...

That is so cute. However, i am a little sad that I didn't get the credit for that awesome fabric. (which is still only okay)

Sharon said...

Ok--this is one of the most impressive projects EVER!! Though I really want to see HOW you did it. Did you take any pics as you were sewing it up? NICELY DONE LAURA!!!

Laura said...

Sorry, no pictures as I was sewing it. We can do that when Michelle and I cover hers.

Judy said...

Super cute! I love your fabric choice and love how it turned out! I may have to try this with our cheap umbrella stroller!