Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Memories of You

I really liked this idea... Jenn decided to write her favorite memories of her favorite people... I thought I’d do the same (seems like all I can do is borrow others brilliant idea’s these day, I swear I’ll have an original one again)

Remember that time you came to visit me when I first moved away from home? I had to go buy a knife so I could cut the bagel for the bagel Sandwiches. It's still my favorite knife. You brought your friends with you and they slept on that really uncomfortable futon my roommate had. Or how about all those time we ate popcorn, french fries or soda crackers with all the fixings... “I’m Mario”

Our trip to Utah stands out in my memory, singing the Future Freaks Me Out on repeat, or maybe London for New Year’s or just London in general.

I loved the Calgary Stampede last summer for my birthday. It was my first introduction to Whack-a-Mole (almost as good as Flaming Finger) and live Chuckwagon races. Those gross but good hotdogs and all the times I repeatedly beat you at Bomberman ;)

I often think of the Christmas gift exchange us girls had a couple of years ago. As usual there was some Buffy watching, some laughing, visiting and then the usual trip to Denny's in our pajamas. We all look awful in those pictures but they're some of my favorites.

We went and saw the opera Lakmé at the Jubilee, it was so beautiful. Most of my memories of you are some sort of concert... the Opera, Jann Arden, the CPO. Thanks for being such a great theatre buddy.

That time we played Gamecube, Mario Party button masher and I laughed until tears. We really should play that again. It still makes me smile



Anonymous said...

Mmmm ... bagel sandwiches! One of my favorite memories is when you used to make them at the T.C. for us. Suddenly I really want a bagel sandwich and some slushy Country Time Lemonade. It's too bad it's February and Pepsi only sells Country Time Lemonade in the summer.

Unknown said...

But slushy Country Time Lemonade is only the same if Darren is there to drink it with us :)

Mitz said...

Awwww... or those amazing Shirley bunwiches too... those were awesome. And remember the bagged salad we would eat but we'd add cucumber and farmers cheese to it... with italian dressing... mmmm... we did a lot of eating, hahaa... and watching TV...

I miss you.