Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Zoo Trip 2007

Consider this my best trip to the zoo, ever

We got there right at feeding time so we got to see a turtle eating, sounds lame but really is much cooler than you'd think. A zoo keeper dropped this container of crickets in too so these birds would pick at these live crickets, also very cool.

The Hippo tank is so neat, when we were there one of the zookeepers came over and called the Hippo over, it stood up in the tank on it's back legs and stretched up to the worker, opened it's mouth and got a gum massage :)

The baby giraffe was adorable and we watched a zoo keeper feed them baby carrots... man are those tongues super long!

Our favorite part of the afternoon though was the Gorilla exhibit, a zoo worker happened to be there and started telling us about the Gorilla's. I've never learned so much about them in such an interesting way before! She was so good at her job. For instance, I learned that Calgary's Silverback Gorilla is 5, 9" and has an arm span of 7"! A Gorilla can bench press a Giraffe! Crazy eh? A Gorilla birth, from first contraction to breast feeding takes about minute and a half.

It was a great trip though, it was a nice day and the Lion's were right by the glass. We had the manditory ice cream and highly enjoyed the day.