Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bad Day

The morning started out all right, we slept in a little at my parents house and woke up rested and relaxed. We had an enjoyable breakfast, then we noticed the time and realized that we were now running a little late. So we sped off to Cardston to Jane and Ken's wedding, speeding a little. We would have made it too but the police officer took ages giving us our speeding ticket, so we missed our session and ended up having to kill two hours in Cardston before the wedding. Not an easy task.

We figured we'd just go to the 1:30 session instead only it turns out there is no 1:30 session so we'd have to wait until 3:30. The session didn't happen, we came home instead, we'll go back some other time.

On the bright side, Jane and Ken's wedding was so nice, such a wonderful ceremony and they looked so happy. Here are a couple pictures to commemorate the vent.

Congratulations Jane and Ken! We're so happy for you.