Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am ridiculously grouchy today.

The last couple nights have not included enough sleep and the discouraging softball loss didn't help either. Today I'm unfriendly and grumpy. I recognize it yet seem helpless to change my mood.

A few words on softball. We try to be a fun team to play, we try not be too picky about calls and in general we're happy to let things go because we're all in this to have fun, but when you start making up rules and then try to enforce them we're going to be cranky. When you give yourselves 4 outs in an inning we're not going to happy. We gave up a bunch of plays just to avoid confrontation. Looking back, as the team captain I really should have gone over and cleared things up, so I learned a lesson for future games.

So here's to surviving a very long Thursday.
I hope your day is going better than mine.


Mark said...

i hate when people in a fun softball league take the games way to seriously. it ruins the games for everyone. i am in an intramural league and there are definitely a few teams like that.