Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Sluggers

We played a double header last night and were lucky enough to not get rained on, that was a nice surprise.

The first team we were set to play was a couple spots ahead of us on the standings so it was an important one to win. The second team was a little below us.

Well the first game didn't quite go as hoped. We lost 10 to 6 but they were a great team and we had a lot of fun playing them. We probably would have had a chance at the win but we had one really bad inning where we let them score 6 runs.

We must have been nice and warmed up for the second game because it went very well in our favour, 23 to 6. In our league the maximum number of runs allowed per inning is 7 and it was exciting to reach 7 and have to stop. They were also a great team to play against, lots of fun. They really had some stand out performances too. The shortstop didn't move at all and the ball went right into her glove, no one was more shocked than her. The 3rd baseman did these incredible dives and one runner was great at sliding, all very impressive.

The best part of the night was my own performance which I've been pretty disappointed with the last couple weeks. My hits were solid this week and overall I played better this week.

Hoping for sunny skies next week