Friday, May 23, 2008

You'll probably roll your eyes and think this is sappy

There was a time when I came to be known as the airport taxi.
It seemed that everyone I knew was flying somewhere, I made trips weekly to the airport and there's one thing I learned.

I love picking people up at the airport. I love standing at the gate watching the crowd of people waiting for someone they love. That moment of anticipation. I love the little children waiting for the mothers and the girlfriend waiting for her boyfriend. The welcome is so sincere, the hugs are long and tight and sometimes there are tears.

But last night I was there waiting for the one I love, and I was finally one of them.
He was coming home for me and I missed him.


Mark said...

hey is that brad in montreal? i was just in montreal this last week as well. i wish i had known he was there, we could have hung out.