Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pancakes for Dinner

We just had the most incredible dinner, sometimes you need a nice meal of pancakes. They were fluffy and yummy and the best I've ever made. And it's all thanks to Michelle.

They went on a trip to Mexico and came back with some special Mexican vanilla. To be honest from the look of the package I kind of thought they had been duped and it was regular old immitation vanilla but as soon as I opened the bottle I realized I'd been wrong. This vanilla is magic, it makes everything better. The cupcakes I made the other day had something a little special about them and these pancakes were greater than you can imagine.

So thanks Michelle and Neil for the incredible dinner tonight.


Michelle said...

Vanilla from mexico is the BEST. It makes everything taste awesome...try it in your favorite cookie recipie as well. Also it makes the best homemade icecream

chefwest said...

That sounds fantastic! I just made a pear and vanilla clafouti last night that was to die for. I used fresh vanilla pods from Tahiti and then a little vanilla sugar(that I made) on top to give it a nice crust.
I also use a lot of vanilla in savoury dished, it goes great in risotto.

Laura said...

That sounds way better than my boring pancakes, though I had to look up what a Clafouti was.

Michelle said...

Wow! I really wish I had bought myself some now. I just didn't think that vanilla could make such a difference, guess I was wrong! I think you should make something for me sometime so I can taste the difference! (Oh and I'm glad we weren't duped either!!)