Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Discovery

Okay so this story isn't very interesting and probably a little more than you needed to know but I'm incredibly bored at work and you're probably here because you're bored to so here goes.

A couple years ago I finally had to go through the dreaded wisdom tooth removal. The plan was to have my dentist remove all four because they weren't that bad (impacted and stuff) so I go on the designated day and the dentist decides she's uncomfortable removing the bottom two because they're close to nerves. We do the top two, it's awful (like everyone else's) and she refers me to an oral surgeon for the bottom two. There's no real rush to get them out so I of course ignore the referral and put it off.

Jump forward to this past week. My gums on one side have been kind of in rough shape and I've been slightly concerned about what's going on down there, until now. I just discovered that one of my bottom wisdom teeth is starting to come up, only I'm pretty sure there isn't enough room for it. Guess I need to do something about this eh? I'm not so happy.


Michelle said...

Ugh. Make an appointment. Vicky's going through it right now too, you should get together.