Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Move

A few words on the move this past weekend…
  1. Kudos to our 1:00 crew that were so efficient they made our 6:00 crew unnecessary and we were able to leave Calgary 4 hours earlier than planned.
  2. Never have I seen a move go that quickly. My two brothers, my Mom, Dad and Brad unloaded our truck in 20 minutes. Those boys were moving mattresses on their own and doing everything so quickly that the Denise and Jenny just stood aside before they were run over (there will be much more for you to do on the 17th, we can stay inside the new house and move boxes to the proper rooms)

  3. You would think I'd learned the lesson in the last move… my flour and sugar buckets can't just have the lids put on them, they need to be taped. Last move it was the flour that tipped over and spilled, this move it was the sugar. It's a good thing we'd thought to bring a broom.

  4. Our U-Haul experience was entirely satisfactory and we'll be happy to use them again.

  5. As we packed up in Calgary Brad did an awesome job of fitting things in Tetris style until we realized we didn't actually need that much room. Apparently we should have tied things down (don't worry, nothing broke).