Monday, July 6, 2009

Two Years

On June 30th Brad and I celebrated our second anniversary. This year was especially casual as we were out at the lake all week. We did go on an anniversary canoe ride but I didn't want to let to day go by completely unmentioned.

Here's a list of 24 reasons (one for every month of marriage) I'm thrilled I married Brad. Sorry if the list is boring for everyone but Brad.

  1. He was perfectly willing to stop to let me pee twice as many times as usual on the way to and from BC.
  2. Everything to do with Catie, finding out about her, hearing her heartbeat, seeing her tiny feet. It's all made me love him so much more.
  3. He kills all the spiders for me.
  4. He makes me laugh with his unique silly-ness. It's a shame I'm the only one that gets to enjoy it.
  5. Is so helpful with packing, unpacking and getting ready for our next move.
  6. He often will put his face on my belly and try to get Catie to kick him in the face, so cute.
  7. He's willing to share a DQ Blizzard with me because they're just a little too large for both of us.
  8. He loves to play softball with me.
  9. Is the kindest person I know.
  10. He appreciates me and is always quick to say thank you if I've done something nice for him.
  11. He does the majority of the laundry and is happy to do it.
  12. We share the same ideas on parenting (not that we know anything about it yet) and we're excited to see how we do together.
  13. Sometimes his hair does this awesome flip thing in the morning if he's slept on it wrong, I like that.
  14. I can ask him any question, no matter how stupid and he'll never make me feel dumb. He explains things to me so clearly without being condescending.
  15. No one makes better cookies.
  16. Doesn't complain at all about my super annoying pregnancy snoring, even when it keeps him up at night.
  17. He drives me to work every morning even though it makes him 40 minutes early for work. In two years he's never once complained about that.
  18. If he's not at work he insists on picking me up after I'm done work, even if it's not convenient for him.
  19. I'm happiest when it's just the two of us together and so is he. We're excited to make it the three of us.
  20. He likes to surprise me by doing things he knows I'll like, like doing the dishes or the laundry.
  21. I don't know how he does it but he drinks water so loud! It glug, glugs all the way down. I like that he has random quirks like that.
  22. When I'm sick he won't let me lift a finger, he insists on taking care of me the best he possibly can and would go out and get me anything if it would make me feel better.
  23. He loves new electronic toys and has to find out every possible feature or cool trick available on said toy
  24. He's super musical. I love to listen to him sing and I love that he's so talented.
  25. He loves me in a way no one else would. Listens to me, is super affectionate and looks at me different than everybody else. No one makes me feel better about myself than him.

I'm so grateful for the two years we've had together and I can't wait to see what the future brings.