Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Another question I'm often asked is, "So do you have the nursery all ready?"

This leads me to scoff and, laugh and say, "I wish" or "Not even a little".

We've had this really frustrating moving situation so for the next week and half we're sort of homeless. All of our stuff has been moved down to Lethbridge to a friends garage (thanks Michelle, it all fit perfectly). We were supposed to move into our new house that weekend but those plans fell through and our new, new house isn't available until August 17th. So until then we store our stuff and we've been living with Brad's parents.

The 17th will include a second U-Haul truck and hopefully some Elder's Quorum moving help since I'll be even more useless.

So do you we have a nursery ready yet? I'd sort of like to have a bed for myself first and then I can focus on the nursery, although we'll be in trouble if this little girl decides to come early.