Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation - Catie's Stroller {Re-Post}

It's time to admit it, I'm on vacation, there will be no crafts coming any time soon.  Some friends of ours have gone away and they've asked us to house sit for them so I don't even have any of my crafting supplies, I couldn't make anything if I wanted to.

I figured rather than just having silence and What Catie Wore Wednesday I'd post a few of my older projects that you may not have seen before.  For some of you these will be repeats and for some they'll seem brand new, hope it's better than nothing.

This first repeat project is the very first stroller I re-covered and I'm still very happy with how it turned out.

This was a project I had thought about doing a while ago and then dismissed it because it seemed too difficult but Michelle really wanted to re-cover her's so I decided to tackle my stroller in preparation.  Her's is a double so it'll be more difficult but I'm now convinced that we'll be just fine.  This project was the main one that encouraged the Great Falls trip with Mom and I was so pleased with the fabric I found and the price I found it at.

I carefully took apart all the pieces of my stroller, cut out new fabric and re-assembled using the original seam binding.  It looks so much better!

Here's the before and then a bunch of after shots.