Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #56

We were really bored the other day so I filled the sink with water, tossed a bunch of random kitchen tools in, pulled up a chair and let her go to town.  She had a blast.

This seems like a logical place to sit hey?

She was watching Sesame Street and just looked so cute.

She loves to lay on the floor and poke holes through the paper.  She giggles at each hole.

And clearly this is the correct way to push a stroller right?  She loves to go fast and run into things.

Snuggled up after her nap

We went to the park one day this week but it was a little chilly so I added her hat that cousin Brynn gave her.  I also threw on this coat which is a little small but a good fall weight.  I'm so glad that her Yeti boots fit her this year and that it's time to pull them out again.  She looks at the pom poms and says "ball".

Bonus video this week, Catie and Daddy playing horsie.  In case you need interpreting she says again and then she says ready twice.


Jolayne said...

That video is really cute!