Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #54

Better late than never right?

I wasn't going to post at all this week but then I discovered a few photos on my phone I'd forgotten I'd taken.  We moved to our own place so for most of the week the camera was packed somewhere and lost.  I did find it though so next week should be better.

For her birthday Grandma West gave Catie this awesome tea set with a cart but I saved it until this week when we moved.  I set it up so when she came out of her room the first day she'd see it and she took to it immediately.  Loves it and pushes it around all day.

Brad being a jungle gym for Catie and Gwen.

Catie and I went to a little girl's birthday party over the weekend and Catie really enjoyed the cake.  I like the purple icing swipe across her forehead.

Standing by the dresser that was supposed to be refinished this summer.  Instead it stayed in storage and I missed a whole painting season.  Oh well, there's always next summer.