Thursday, October 18, 2012

Start as You Mean to Go On... heh heh heh

I`ve often heard people talk about how before you have kids you make rules for yourself of what you will and won`t do and then after the baby comes those rules go out the window. This isn't really something I understood because we parented Catie exactly the way we wanted to. Everything I wanted before she was born worked out perfectly for her and parenthood was easy... and then came Eden.

My parenting motto has always been, Start as you mean to go on. So if you don`t want to be rocking your two year old to sleep then don`t start rocking your baby to sleep, and then came Eden. This little lady gets rocked to sleep before every, single nap. I didn`t want to use a soother and now it`s my best friend. I`ve always thought swings were sleep crutches and now I`d give anything to have a swing put Eden to sleep. I`m not a big fan of baby wearing but the Moby comes in handy.

Perhaps the one I felt the mostly strongly about was that babies belonged in cribs, not my bed. Never once did I sleep with Catie yet somehow this girl doesn't ever sleep as well as she does right here, tucked between Brad and I.

We`re pretty sure there has never been a more fussy baby and I worry about what happens when it`s time to put an end to these bad habits.  For now we`ll continue to do whatever works, to just get through each day with a little sanity, we`ll deal with the consequences another day.


Jaclyn said...

I am right there with you! Sometimes you just do what you have to do.

Samantha said...

It's always easier to say what you won't do when you don't have to do it.

All three of my boys are rocking chair babies. All three slept in the bed with us. All three took pacifiers. All three took bottles after a year old. And all three are perfectly happy, healthy boys.

Sometimes it isn't about how you get to happy, healthy, well rounded kid, but the fact that you actually got there.

And if you're lucky... You got there without losing your sanity.

Unknown said...

I think Hailey would have battled Eden for the 'fussiest baby' title. I hate to say that she still cries about EVERYTHING!

Do whatever you need to Laura to get through this difficult time. She won't still be sleeping with you in a few years unless you let her :) Hang in there, it is torture to hear crying all day.

Jenn said...

Sometimes you have to do whatever you can to survive. I did all sorts of stuff with Allie that I never imagined doing with the boys because I was desperate. Also, if I would have had her first I would have said Babywise is a load of crap doesn't work.